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Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics is a specialty in dentistry. In Greek the word ‘endo’ mean inside and ‘odons’ mean tooth. Endodontics is concerned with the tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth. The pulp contains the nerves, arterioles and venules as well as lymphatic tissue and fibrous tissue. If these have become diseased or are injured because of any reason, endodontic treatment is suggested by the dentist to save the tooth/teeth.

A dentist who has specialized in this field is qualified as an Endodontist. This requires an additional 2-3 years of training for a dental graduate. Many Endodontists specialize and limit their practice to root canal therapy and root canal surgery only. They use their special training and expertise in treating those conditions which are extremely challenging. Some of these include teeth with narrow or blocked canals or teeth with unusual anatomy. Endodontists generally use advanced technologies which involves the use of the operating microscopes, ultrasonics and digital imaging which prove to be of great help in such difficult cases.

Patients who complain of acute pain are examined by the dentists. They are suggested to go for root canal therapy. Root canal therapy has some fixed procedures to follow. Root canal therapy is one of the most common therapies that an Endodontist performs. There are many more treatments which an Endodontist may follow depending upon the requirement. Some of these include incision for drainage, internal tooth bleaching & periradicular surgery (apicoectomy).