Dr. Kadam's Dental Care


Pedodontics or Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty in Dentistry which is concerned with the dental care for children and infants.

Children are not immune to general oral health issues. Tooth/Teeth decay is the most chronic condition amongst children of age between 5 to17. It is because the cleansing of teeth of children and babies is extremely difficult. It results in bacterial growth which eventually leads to tooth decay.

Oral health problems occur in children because they eat cakes, cookies, candies and drink juices excessively, which have excessive sugar and also because of starch which is found in potato chips.

In some babies, the neonatal teeth develop in the first month itself. This requires to be removed or proper dental hygiene has to be provided. Generally, babies get a tooth when they are 6 months of age. It requires cleaning which can be done easily with a soft cloth.

From six months to 24 months, children begin teething. Parents can help their kids by gently massaging their gums. Most of the teeth get erupted when the baby is 3 years of age. After 4 years of age, spaces for permanent teeth begin to appear as the jaw, supporting bone structure and facial bones begin to grow very quickly.

Kids in the age group of 6 to 12 have both baby teeth and permanent teeth.