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Prosthodontics is a specialty in dentistry which mainly focuses on the creation of prostheses and restorations which includes complete dentures, dental crowns, dental implants and dental bridges. Prosthodontics is also used in the treatment of facial anatomy abnormalities.

For a general dentist to pursue the career of a Prosthodontist, s/he needs to take up an additional three to four years of schooling.

Prosthodontists play a role in many dental disciplines such as repairing failed treatments which must have negatively affected the mouth and the smile of the client. The also have roles in the maxillofacial (jaw and face) abnormalities treatment, treatment of cases stemming from congenital disorders and even in cases stemming from oral/maxillofacial trauma.

Prosthodontists examines the client’s case very carefully and suggest them improvements. The prosthodontist is also regarded as the architect of a restorative dental treatment plan.

Prosthodontic treatments are generally expensive. But prosthodontists often assure the clients about great results and provide them the highest aesthetic and functional reconstructive treatment, which is always appreciated.