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Sneha Warlikar (Ethniic)

Sneha Warlikar (Ethniic)

Mr. Narender Mistry
I'm in my late 50's and at my age tooth problems are normal, for quite sometime now I’m suffering from the problem of tooth ache. I’ve even lost some of my teeth. So I realised a visit to a dentist is due now, my cousin suggested me Dr.kadam dental clinic. On my first visit to the dentist I was quite apprehensive about the treatment but I made up my mind that this treatment is absolutely necessary for me. The dentist attending me was so humble and the kind of hospitality they provided, it made me relax and given me an assurance that I was in right hands. The doctor informed me that you need to undergo the dental implant surgery, I said yes without any second thought and with in few days of time all was done. I was bit conscious about the over all charge of the treatment but the charges were reasonable and I was obliged to see my teeth back in shape.

Mrs. Maane
I'm a house wife was facing a problem of dental since long time now, but due household duties I didn't got the time as a result the problem was aggravated. So I decided to treat the problem and visit the nearest dentist. Dr Kadam's dental clinic is renowned clinic, I got myself treated there and i wasn't disappointed, there was fear in my mind how the things will go but the hospitality at the clinic was great. I had gone through the dental implant procedure and all went pretty smoothly. With all new smile I'm very happy, charges of the treatment was pretty reasonable. I would recommend Dr.kadam's dental clinic to one and all.

Mrs. Katara
I was suffering from the problem of toothache since my childhood, nothing new in it every other child have one but mine was aggravated at a early age. I did realise the mistake of not getting my teeth treated at the right time and I guess that was the biggest mistake. Today at age of 65, I’ve lost almost my all teeth. Finally one fine day I decided to visit the dentist Dr kadam, after the check up he ask me to go through full mouth rehabilitation, was bit worried about it but I think it was important. I gone forward with the treatment and got myself full mouth rehabilitation with ceramic fix teeth. I guess I was treated with best of modern facilities.

Mrs. Rizhwana Ansari
I've face the problem of tooth ache for quite sometime now. There was always a fear in my mind when I think of the treatment. I guess it was high time to visit the dentist so I did visit Dr.kadam's dental clinic, after he gone through the check up he suggested me that I must undergo a dental implant surgery, he have to perform a gingival flap surgery which is for the treatment of gums. The treatment was going for few days but all went along pretty smoothly and I'm happy with the end result.

Mr. Joseph Desuza
From pretty early days in my childhood I face the problem of toothache but due to ignorance or you may say due to fear of the treatment I always use to try and avoid a visit to the dentist. The problem started to aggravated and I started to lose my teeth I thought it is now absolute necessity to pay a visit to a dentist so I visited Dr. kadam's clinic. The doctor assured me I will be treated with best of his abilities and will bring back smile on my face. He suggested me that I should go with full denture treatment, for which he has to replace all teeth in upper and lower arch. It was painful but and the end I was very happy with the treatment. The thing which to my concern was the overall charge of the treatment, normally such a treatment would burn a hole in your pocket but charges were reasonable and fall well in to my budget. The services provided in Dr.kadam's clinic are world class and you may find a friend in doctor same as I did.

Mr. Rupender Kaur
I never had any problem with my teeth, my teeth and gums were always healthy. But from last few months I have noticed that my teeth have a yellowish color on them. Even my friends and family started to notice the same. So I decided to get rid of this, bring back my smile. I visited Dr.kadam's clinic, the doc suggested me to bleach my teeth so I can get normal color of my teeth back. So very next day I got the bleaching done and now I've got my smile back. All thanks to my doc kadam.

Mr.Kirit Parekh
I'm one of those who regularly brush the teeth at least twice a day so tooth decaying was never an issue for me even though my teeth were bit concern for me as they were malocclusion. People now started to noticing and my family & friends suggested me to get my teeth fixed, so finally I decided that will get this fix as soon as possible, so I visited Dr. kadam who is a orthodontist. He suggested me to get braces for my teeth. There are many modern braces some of which you may never notice the person who is wearing them. So I suggested the doc get me one that hardly would anyone will ever notice. The braces were as per my requirement. That made me very happy and doctor assured me that my teeth would be straightened within a year or two.

Master Manas Pendre
I was prone to teeth decaying as my teeth was lacking with a substance called fluoride may be it was due to my bad habits. So in order to get me treated my father taken me to the Dr.kadam dental clinic. The doctor suggested that he may need to prepare a habit-breaking appliance for fluoride treatment. I was bit anxious about all this things but at the end I guess it was the right thing to save my teeth from further decaying.

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